What Would Daenerys and Jon Snow’s Child Look Like?


Are you in the need for a little Game of Thrones fix between series? Well how about some Game of Thrones concept art? Westeros – in between the sieges and the battles – seems to be a breeding ground for some great romances and relationships. Inspired by some of these relationships, vouchercloud has imagined up a selection of could-be children by pairing off a selection of major players from the TV series and books. From the possible to the very much impossible, take a look at some of the offspring from Game of Thrones couples below:

A little heads up: contains spoilers:

Jon Snow and Daenerys


What a power couple this would be. The Mother of Dragons and the King of the North would surely spawn an equally powerful offspring. With that trademark black hair of Jon’s and few streaks of blonde from her mum, she will often be found with her little dragon and direwolf by her side.

Tormund and Brienne


Now this is a couple we can all get behind. The longing looks of Tormund during season 6 were pretty intense… if only Brienne felt the same. From a fantastically large couple would come a girl of small stature. Fiery red hair from dad and the oathkeeper in hand from Mum.

Tyrion and Shae


Shyrion’s child would take on her mother’s great looks and her scheming too if the dagger at her hip is anything to go by. She will also take on her father’s propensity for enjoying a drink and knowing things.

Brienne and Jaime


Dressed to the nines in Lannister colours of Gold and Red, this little fella is a well needed boost to the Lannister line. Blonde hair from mum and strong jaw from dad this child is sure to be a pretty tough fighter.

Greyworm and Missandei


Ok, so we know this one is actually impossible, but we can’t help but love the blossoming romance between Greyworm and Missandei. Their impossible offspring would be a super-stern soldier.

Jon Snow and Ygritte


This offspring would be pretty good with a bow and quiver – just like his mother – but looks-wise would have the long hair and facial hair of his father.

Jorah and Daenerys


Maybe not the most likely of couples, if Jorah has his way he would certainly spend the rest of his days with the Mother of Dragons. Maybe when he’s done curing his greyscale… This child will have it’s mother’s trade-mark blonde hair and be pretty great with a sword thanks to her father.

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