Street Fighter Community is Pushing It

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You know, I’m usually a big fan of crossover art, and as such, feature it all the time. And when it involves Community? I’m even more pumped about it. Artist Benjamin DeGuzman has brought the show into another universe before, and his series of Batman heroes and villain portraits were fantastic.

But I’m not so sure how I feel about his new effort, jamming the cast into street fighter. Namely, I’m a bit concerned with how he’s made the gorgeous Annie and Britta into men, which is quite strange considering all the other characters are pretty much dead-on. What’s the deal Benjamin? What’s the obstacle with these hot ladies’ faces?

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  1. So you don’t even like this picture and you still posted it just because it’s about Community? I come to this site because you seperate the cool nerdiness from the everyday it’s-pathetic-that-I-even-know-you-because-you’re-such-an-otaku nerdiness, but now you’re putting up pictures that you don’t even like just because it is about something that is nerdy?

  2. This picture is pretty awesome.. they’ve both got weird faces, but it still looks like them.. making weird faces. But hey, just about everyone is making weird faces in this. The artist isn’t just fantastic at drawing them, but it’s still awesome for a just-for-fun tribute.. jeez.

    You guys need to calm yourselves down, it’s not going in the Louvre.

  3. @Mandy

    Never said it was bad nor did I make any comment on the picture itself at all. I based my whole spiel on Paul saying he didn’t like the picture but still posting it.

  4. @Jim Lahey

    Paul never said he didn’t like this either. He was just pointing out the fact that the show’s two ‘hotties’ look like men.

    Also, why wouldn’t he have posted this? It’s a mashup of Community, a show widely-loved by his readers, and fighting game who’s fans span generations… The artist’s skill may be just above high-school level, but it’s still very Unreality-worthy on content alone.

  5. Considering that Cammy and Chun-Li were my two favorite video game crushes as a kid, Annie and Britta must now show up on the show in these costumes… *prints off picture and locks bedroom door* I need to… do some… research…

  6. Hey, man, I’m surprised you don’t talk about Community being back on March 15th ! I know you’re as much of a fan as I am and that was one of the best news I learned, so maybe you missed this news, but I doubt it ! :p

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