The Walking Dead Gets an Uncensored Ending At Last

For those of us who tuned into the season four finale of The Walking Dead a few months back, we were disappointed when (spoilers) the gang got captured by the new crazies of Terminus. Not because of their predicament necessarily, but because Rick was forced to sign off with such a lame line.

“They’re gonna feel pretty stupid when they find out….

They’re screwing with the wrong people!”

Womp womp.

I’ve never seen a line fall so flat because of censorship, not since the days of “Yipee Kai-Aye Motherlover!” on TV airings of die hard. Fortunately, the uncensored version of what Rick was supposed to say has been released online, and as you can see above, it carries a lot more weight to it. You can show zombies cut to pieces all day long, but think about uttering THAT word? Even once? Forget about it.

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