The Video Game Cigarette

I hate smoking, and therefore have an uncontrollable prejudice against smokers (you make my air smell bad and increase my health care costs), but I can’t deny that this video game inspired cigarette is a little bit clever.

Yes, it’s probably something some hipster in Brooklyn would smoke, but it’s well-designed and a good joke. Except the punchline is cancer. Womp, womp.

Check out more pictures of the cigarette below. Designed by German Ljutaev.


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  1. Uncontrollable prejudice? Copout. Excuse. You can control it.

    You just don’t want to.

    I’m not saying you have to, but don’t lie to us, or worse, yourself about it.

  2. I understand that you hate smoking. I understand it’s a smelly habit. I also understand that it’s really annoying when you try to walk into a restaurant, and there are twenty smokers by the door, creating the haze when you walk in. (although, to be fair, you really should bitch at the owner of the restaurant for not putting an ashtray further away and a sign that asks smokers not to smoke by the door. That ashtray is a beacon that says, “Yes, it’s fine to light up here!”)

    But I do get pissed at the, “You’re costing us too much in health care!” Private insurance, maybe. but when it comes to medicare, I have a serious problem because smokers are taxed heavily for their crime.

    My mother was a heavy smoker, was on oxygen at the end, various inhalers, etc. One day we sat down and figured what she paid for taxes over the years. Now, the first ten years of her smoking, she paid nothing because cigs weren’t taxed, so we didn’t count that. But after that we counted it, we added it up.

    If all she had paid in cig tax had gone to pay for her health care for medical issues arising from smoking, she could have been cared for for life without costing the system one red cent, and in truth, had the money been put aside to collect interest until she did have smoking related health issues, it would have given them extra money.

    So, yes, I understand why you might hate the smell, the bother, etc. But the “You cost the public too much in health care!” is BS. I don’t know where cigarette tax money goes, but it’s paying for something. If they’d put it towards the health care of smokers, then I’m betting they’d take care of themselves.

    But it goes towards something. So, maybe medicare taxes are higher, but something else costs you less because of smokers. Because that tax money is paying for something, and if everyone suddenly quit smoking tomorrow, they’d find a way to get that money somewhere else.

  3. As a nerd and an on-off smoker, I say those are awesome!

    I’d get back on my habit if I could have a pack of those….
    Thanks Paul! You reminded me of why I smoke and play games.

  4. Yeah, I got to chime in and point out that the whole “smokers cost society money” is total horse shit. People NOT smoking is more of a problem in the US. Old people cost a shit load of money for end of life care. Unless you are planning on retiring with $2 million just for end of life care, you are a net drag on the medical system. Most people can’t/won’t do that.

    Smokers die young, which saves money. Secondly, the tax on smokes pretty much funds a significant portion of the states income for medical care. This is why no state has ever had the balls to outright ban smokes. If they did, their healthcare systems would collapse overnight.

    Don’t think that outlawing smokes would be difficult compared to other drugs. Its easier to grow and prep marijuana and booze than it is to do the same with tobacco. Sure you would create a black market but honestly, baking meth is easier than growing tobacco and preparing it.

    Its total horse shit. Smokers are treated like social outcasts but they are honestly vital to the way our government functions.

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