The Top 15 Funniest Halo Deaths

There have been an infinite number of times where I’ve suddenly died in Halo and yelled “How the **** did that happen?” Usually I’m too lazy to go into the replay just to see what actually went down, but fortunately for us, there are tons of people who do just that. Here are the fifteen funniest Halo deaths I could find, ranging from accidental suicides to truly masterful maneuvers.

(I didn’t include cool sticks because that’s another post entirely)

15. They Really Need Railings

14. All According to Plan

13. The Resilient Mongoose

12. Horrendous Spawn

11. Stretch Armstrong

10. Mine Betrayal

9. The Most Useful Gravlift Ever

8. Knee to the Face

7. Along for the Ride

6. It’s More About How It Got Launched in the First Place

5. You Really Can’t See That Coming

4. Barrel Skeet Shot

3. Self Inflicted Gunshot Wound

2. The Chopper Wheel

1. Traffic Cone Snipe

Yes, of course I missed some. Feel free to throw up links in the comments and if they’re any good I’ll post them below.

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