The Signs of the Simpsons

Simpsons Signs 8

A decade and a half before Arrested Development was on the air, The Simpsons was the king of hiding jokes. The show might be old news at this point in it’s 67th season, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t packed in a lot of funny over the years.

Via PleatedJeans comes this collection of screencaps of a devoted fan who hunted through episodes to find subtle jokes that probably only were on the screen for a second or two. There have been dozens of these over the years, but here’s 25 to get you started.

My favorite of all time was when the Simpsons went to Canada and saw “Canadian Graffiti.” Check out the rest of these below:

Simpsons Signs 23

Middle click to quickly open each picture in a new tab:

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  1. I absolutely love this. It’s not a “sign”, but I always loved the gag where they’re at the movies and one of the trivia puzzles comes up where they scramble a famous actor’s name and have a silhouette. It reads:


    Lisa is upset that it’s too easy, and then the answer is revealed:


    Who, as Apu remarks, is India’s answer to Brian Dennehy.

  2. Ah takes me back…

    this is how i learned english … from the signs in the simpsons and the german subtitles… and later on it was english counterstrike and other games + watching simpsons on english nonstop….

    Hey i think i found the reason for my bad english^^

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