Continuum: A Familiar Yet Intriguing Journey Through Time


In the year 2077, the government has been replaced by a corporate controlled congress. Humanity is at the zenith of technological advancement. It’s the age of flying cars and almost everything we’ve wished for in a utopia. Law enforcement officials called protectors have augmented reality based HUDs with an interface that exemplifies a marriage between Heavy Rain’s ARI and that of Deus Ex: Human Revolution’s. We no longer have to rely on dragging court trials or witness testimonies because of these advancements. Yet, the trade off is a restriction on freedom of speech among many other liberties we enjoy today. Some believe the benefits outweigh the cost, while some deem it to be too high of a price to pay. Thus, a group of terrorists called Liber8 jump back through time to prevent the rise of corporations. However, Kiera Cameron, a protector, followed them to ensure that the present stays the same.

On the surface, this show felt like a mix of familiar science-fiction ideas coming into play. It’s not the first time I heard of a corporate controlled future with anarchists. Time travel is used in a sense that most of us are familiar with. Not in a sense where we see it used in new contexts like in the film Looper. However, I learned that not every original or novel idea is necessarily great. Sometimes they suffer from intolerable and complex writing. On the other hand, exceptional writing can make any show great regardless if it is original or not. Continuum may be familiar territory for most science-fiction aficionados, but the storyline and characters are compelling and rich enough to make you want to stay along for the ride. (NO SPOILERS)


I was initially skeptical about the cast, because I was only familiar with a couple of the stars on the show. Erik Knudsen, Victor Webster, and Tony Amendola were faces I knew from other television shows. When I saw the pilot, I thought that Rachel Nichols and Victor Webster were too ‘pretty’ to play their respective parts as law enforcers. Nichols proved me wrong because she can definitely juggle portraying Cameron as not only a tough law enforcer, but also as a loving mother and wife. She is a character you can sympathize with and root for. As a woman displaced in a different time, I also love how she portrays Cameron’s cluelessness towards pop culture we expect everyone to know.

Webster is her partner in the new time she’s in, and he’s not that impressive but he’s okay. I still think that they could have chosen someone more “rough,” because I personally think that Webster looks more suitable in daytime soap kind of role. Erik Knudsen is great playing a role he seems to be very adept at playing- the nerd or technology whiz kid. He plays a gifted young teenager who assists Cameron through his hacking abilities. I bet a lot of us can relate to his character, particularly how he’s a whiz with technology but nobody appreciates it. There’s one scene where he works at a store similar to “Best Buy” and he is treated poorly even if he takes initiative using his skill and knowledge. How can you not root for him? He has a great dynamic with Cameron. She often acts like a big sister to Knudsen’s character, and their relationship makes the show more human and believable.

One of my favorite characters in the show would have to be Matthew Kellog. I won’t spoil readers about who he is, but I can definitely tell you that he’s an intriguing character. Kellog is played by Stephen Lobo and his character is the devious and cunning type. Most of the time, he’s only looking out for himself but he’s not particularly evil either.


With regards to the science behind time travel, I’m not really particular and specific about that sort of stuff as long as it makes sense in layman’s terms. I’ve already seen the latest episode, and I still don’t know which set of time travelling rules they follow. However, the show’s producer noted that they will establish their own mix of rules as the show goes on. This is one of the reason’s why I’m glued to this show. I want to know how time travel works in their universe, and I’m puzzled in an intrigued way.One note too, the pilot episode has its “WTF” moments but thankfully they are addressed later on. This show isn’t some spectacular offering to the science fiction genre, but it’s still a great and entertaining series for any science-fiction fan. After you’re done watching the first season, check out their website. The showrunners are using social media to decide what happens in season two’s season finale. It’s quite exciting and I’ve done my part to ensure that my side wins.

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  1. It took me a few episodes to realize that Rachel Nichols was on the last season of Alias. All in all it is a good show. I’m glad it got picked back up.

  2. It’s not a bad show but it feels like it drags quite a bit and there are definitely some characters I could do without. I am getting tired of characters added to shows that offer no substance other than to be annoying for sake of being annoying. There are better ways to add seemingly pointless obstacles in a hero’s path other than ‘guy we chose to hound you for no reason’.

  3. Yeah it’s a good show. They do have to work on the rules as they say.. things like Cameron having the ability to go invisible using her suit. That’s a HUGE hole as to why she just doesn’t use that ability everytime she’s in a fight. Why would you not.. unless there is something limiting her from doing so. Put a timer on it or something, just so why know why she doesn’t go stealth as soon as she gets into a gunfight.

  4. It’s a generally real cool show, but there are loads of inconsistencies, especially with the future tech, as Ian mentioned.
    I’ve seen only season 1 and so far, but I must say, the reveal at the end of it was pretty cool!

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