The Patron Saints of the Empire

“Icon of Lord Darth Vader, who gave his life so that the people of the galaxy could live on.”

Religious viewers of the site, please don’t be offended by these pictures of Star Wars rendered as saints. Even God thinks they’re pretty awesome.

It’s a tribute to all the fallen heroes of the Empire, and artist Patrick King even explains why each of them were chosen for sainthood. Check out the full gallery below.

“Icon of Saint SK-387, patron saint of stormtroopers, martyred in service to the Galactic Empire while serving aboard the first Death Star.”

“Icon of Saint CE-961, patron saint of Snowtroopers, who died from exposure to extreme cold during the Battle of Hoth.”

“Icon of Saint EG-750, patron saint of AT-ST drivers, martyred when his AT-ST was crushed by logs during the Battle of Endor.”

“Icon of Saint NT-364, patron saint of Imperial Navy troopers, martyred in the destruction of the Super Star Destroyer Executor.”

“Icon of Saint RE-931, patron saint of Biker Scout troopers, martyred by savages during the Battle of Endor.”

“Icon of Saint HN-214, patron saint of TIE Fighter pilots, martyred in service to the Galactic Empire while pursuing Rebel terrorists through an asteroid field.”

“Icon of Saint VC-119, patron saint of AT-AT crews, martyred in service to the Empire during the Battle of Hoth when his walker was destroyed by enemy speeders.”

“Icon of Saint TR-752, patron saint of Sandtroopers, martyred in service to the Empire when he was trampled by banthas on Tatooine.”

“Icon of Saint RG-519, patron saint of the elite Imperial Royal Guards, martyred while aboard the second Death Star in service to Emperor Palpatine.


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  1. As a religious person and also SW fan, I must say I’m not offended,
    on the contrary I find these art pieces quite funny, intriguing and full of imagination. Added bonus that the author took close observation of icon drawing, and included small elements, like position and gesture of hands, position of held objects, etc.

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