The Oregon Tourist Ad Inspired By Studio Ghibli

The state of Oregon has released a new tourism ad for interested individuals. However, while most tourism ads tend to be rather forgettable because of their interchangeable nature, this one manages to stand out for the simple reason that it has been influenced to a fair extent by Studio Ghibli’s unmistakable look.

Of course, the tourism ad makes it clear that its depiction of Oregon is rather exaggerated. However, it paints such a charming picture that it seems probable that a significant percentage of those who see it won’t care in the slightest. Those who are curious should be able to find it on the Internet with no problems whatsoever, but some examples of its contents range from children riding a huge rabbit in a field of flowers to a couple having a meal in the sky via hot air balloons while waited upon by animals. Summed up, the whole tourism ad painted a rather fantastical picture of what it is like to visit Oregon, which was rendered that much more likable by its homage to some much loved movies.

With that said, it is worth noting that the state of Oregon does seem to have something to offer to tourists, as shown by the fact that its tourism sector is worth billions and billions of dollars. Primarily, most of Oregon’s appeal seems to be found in its natural landscape, which makes a fair amount of sense because it encompasses a wide range of environments that can be explored through a wide range of ways. For example, the state is situated next to the Pacific Ocean, so it should come as no surprise to learn that it has a stretch of rather rugged coastline that is well-worth taking a look or two. Likewise, its numerous national parks cover environments that range from lakes and deserts to mountain forests and volcanic foothills. As a result, natural lovers of various sorts should be able to find something suitable to their personal preferences in the state, which should come as welcome news to those who are seeking their next place to visit.

Of course, there is much more to the state of Oregon than its natural landscape, however pleasing it might be to the senses. For example, Oregon has no sales tax, meaning that interested individuals can save a fair amount by choosing to make their purchases in the state rather than somewhere else. Something that can be particularly beneficial if they are willing to research ahead of time to find places for all of the things that they want. Likewise, Oregon has a lot of artisans working on its food and drink, with the result that it has much to offer to foodies as well. Events such as the Oregon Truffle Festival and the Oregon Cheese Festival are worth checking out for said individuals, but to be honest, Oregon food and drink is good enough that it is always worth taking a look for that reason. On a final note, it should be mentioned that the state of Oregon is also an excellent place to visit for people who are interested in learning about American Indians of the past as well as American Indians of the present, particularly if their interest is focused on the Indigenous peoples of the Northwest Plateau.

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