A Selection of 15 Classic Cartoon Valentines

To be honest I’m not sure which holiday bothers me more:  Valentine’s Day or New Year’s.   Both are big time excuses to spend a ton of money and for restaurants and event places, etc etc to hike their prices.   I’m fortunate enough to have a wife that really doesn’t care about Valentine’s Day either.   I feel sorry for all the dudes out there who are trying not to “screw it up.”

I mean come on!   Anyway.   I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t at least post something pertaining to Cupid.  So here are 15 classic cartoon valentines that you can print out for your significant other should you be in a bind to get a good card…..

Thanks to Buzzfeed for these

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  1. I remember a couple of those from grade school. We would all make valentine day mail boxes then go around handing out the valentine day cards to our fellow class-mates. It was very pointless because you were told you had to give a card to everyone.

  2. @MajorTool

    I remember that. It always was pointless, especially since I liked the cards I was giving everyone else (TMNT, power rangers, batman, flash, etc) compared to the crappy puppy and kitten valentine’s the girls gave out to everyone. What 2nd grade boy wants 15 puppies and kittens saying cutesy things?

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