The Old Houses of Westeros

Sigils 9

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Above and below you’ll find a series of German-created, wallpaper-ish sized images of all the major houses of Westeros in Game of Thrones. All feature a the sigil, a bit of armor, and some dragons. Because dragons aren’t just for Targaryens after all.

They make great phone or computer wallpapers with the right cropping. I do think a few of these houses phoned it in when coming out with their words, however. “Our blades are sharp?” Come on, House Bolton, you can do better than that. Whose blades AREN’T sharp?

Check them all out below:

Sigils 10

Sigils 8

Sigils 7

Sigils 6

Sigils 5

Sigils 4

Sigils 3

Sigils 2

Sigils 1

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