Holy Legend of Korra…

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As I’m pretty sure there wasn’t a recent Legend of Korra convention anywhere, this must be from an anime event. What it means is that the new hot go-to costume is in fact anyone and everyone from Nickelodeon’s Legend of Korra.

It’s a fantastic show, and I can see why so many people are excited about it. I’d go as Amon ¬†myself for Halloween this year, but I think everyone would just assume I was trying to be the doll from Saw.

This picture is like a scavenger hunt. Blow it up and see if you can find:

– The Fire Ferret

– Kissing Korra and Mako

– Chief Baefong

– Two full teams of Pro Benders

– All the Amons (I count four)

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  1. I like the adult Aang and Toph right by the person dressed as the Fire Ferret.

    Also, the firebender with fire is pretty sweet, but I feel bad for the pro bender Korra right by him who doesn’t have any teammates with her.

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