The Office is Going Some Rather Dark Places

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It’s the final season of The Office, and the show is trying to put its goofiest era behind it for its final stretch. I can respect that, and I think the show getting back to its dramatic core is a good thing. It was most gripping in seasons one and two when the Pam/Jim flirtation was happening, after all.

But in an effort to get some of that drama back, the show is going to strange place. Let’s look at the events of the past three episodes, for example.

– Pam and Jim are sparring because Jim works part time in Philly and is never around.

– Jim flips out at Pam on the phone, and Pam is comforted by Brian, grip operator for the documentary crew which has been filming the staff of Dunder Mifflin for nine years. He’s breaking the fourth wall, and is super hot.

– Brian is reprimanded for interfering with the events of the show, and Pam apologizes for getting him in trouble. It’s indicated he has a wife or girlfriend of some sort, Melissa.

– Pam stars a war with a bearded, menancing warehouse worker named Frank after he defaces her mural. She, in turn, vandalizes his truck.

– Frank comes after Pam in the parking lot and Brian again breaks the wall and beats him down with his microphone pole, resulting in his firing. He says to call “whenever Pam needs him” as Jim sits in Philly playing video games with Darryl.


I get that the show now realizes that Jim and Pam became rather boring when they became a couple, but this is pretty extreme. The two have now been married for years and have two kids. This isn’t Desperate Housewives. Could they really throw this big a wrench into the works of TV’s most ideal couple?

It seems a bit over the top for me, but I can’t say I hate the plot development. It’s refreshing for the show to at least have SOME emotional weight to it after years of turning into fluffy nonsense. This seems like it’s going down a rather dark path, but I have to say, it’s got me wondering what’s going to happen next week.

What do you make of The Office’s new direction?

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  1. These last two episodes have been some of the best in a long time. That moment when we see brian come to comfort pam, amazing. Just wish they’d done this stuff a few seasons ago.

  2. Ugh.. I watched this last night. I also think it’s a VERY strange decision. Why is it the hot/normal people on the show are the only ones who can have profound relationships?

    The love between Jim & Pam MADE the show what it is today. I, as hot as Brian is, think this is almost unbelievable. Do kids not even matter anymore? I mean, come on.. they’re older, married and have a child together… distances are supposed to bring people together. Instead, Jim is regressing into some sort of frat college boy, living the life he never could. And Pam? Boo hoo, poor Pam, everyone feel sorry for her..

    I guess they just couldn’t come up with any other dramatics to finish off the show with a bang.. but why ruin the BEST thing about the whole show in one fatal blow? There aren’t that many episodes left, I’d rather it go out on a happy note than have those bad memories of Pam moving out with Cici and leaving Jim. 🙁 Not cool, Office, not cool.

    Ps. Pam’s mural did suck. Butts.

  3. I agree with Mandy but at least the show is interesting again. I don’t think they can ruin the series finale at this point because the show has already kind of ruined itself.

  4. 4th on agreeing with mandy. this seems so out of character for both. jim is now an insufferable asshole and i hate the pam and brian thing. i really don’t want it to end like this. if it does i’m pretending nothing happened after the 5th season and striking the rest from memory.

  5. This show IMO has been hurting since Michael left….they should have just ended it there. Last season was just meh and I got a few chuckles here and there. But this season is just ridiculous, it basically turned into a drama feat some funny moments with Dwight and Erin.

    Both Jim and Pam are acting way too out of character, there was no plausible buildup to their actions. It was simply 2 interns that showed up and one made Jim think of himself and how life passed him by…..It was basically telling us to forget how Jims character normally has acted every other season because now all of the sudden he is selfish and doesn’t care how things affect Pam’s feelings. IMO this would be fine if they defined Jim to be this type of character, but it’s just too much of a 180 to be believable. Maybe if they built this moment up for the past 2-3 seasons, then maybe I would by it, but it’s just a “no”.

    But I’ve been a minority (at least on this blog) in regards to when this show stopped being funny. I for one loved the out of control, stupidity of Michael and his dumb antics (ex. driving into lake, scots tots etc). It’s what made me laugh.

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