Why I Sort of Miss When The Walking Dead Was Consistently Terrible

The Walking Dead has slowly evolved from a show with an awesome concept and terrible execution to one that’s consistently watchable, and occasionally even great. I’ve been impressed with the last season and this one so far, for the most part, but I do sometimes miss the days where my reviews would be laughing at the consistent outright stupidity of the show.

This video brought me back there. It’s YourMovieSucks laying into season two of The Walking Dead, back when the show was at its worst stuck on Herschel’s farm. Yes, we eventually got some cool moments out of that plotline, but it sure as hell took long enough. I laughed most of the way through this nearly half hour video, and you may too.

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  1. Yeah. One of the things I don’t understand is why so many TWD haters keep watching the show … other than, of course, having the ability to still hate it with some legitimacy.

  2. I can’t wait to see it for the rest of the seasons. The plot points might not be as absurd but aside from that there is still bad writing all over the place.

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