The Future of In-Movie Advertising


What happens when we are able to fast-forward through every commercial, and adblock every web banner so we never have to look at another ad again? I think we’re about to find out.

This video was taken at a recent screening of Hugo. A bunch of times during the movie, an advertisement was layered across the entire film, making it completely ridiculous and causing the audience to crack up, albeit ultimately ask for their money back.

Sure, it was an accident…this time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if a few decades from now, this is the norm as a fine thin layer of ads is laid on a film and directly beamed into your subconscious.

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  1. If this happened to me, I wouldn’t be laughing. It even happened in the last 20 minutes of this movie. I already hate it when I can hear the air conditioning, let alone not being able to view the movie. I’d be pissed off.

  2. Like Drester said, I take my movie watching very seriously. If an advertisement was suddenly laid over the film I paid good money to go see, I wouldn’t be laughing, I’d be pissed the fuck off.
    Hugo is a great film too, that theater is ruining the end of the movie for everyone.

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