The Funniest Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Clips


One thing that always made Conan O’Brien’s talk show better than the others – in addition to Conan being, quite simply, much funnier than the other hosts – was the quality of the bits before the show’s first guest would appear.  Conan has had  many classic bits over the years, such as the masturbating bear, the moving lips behind a photo of a famous person (like Saddam Hussein or Bill Clinton), and “If They Made It.”  Funniest of all, though, may have been anything featuring Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.  No matter where Conan sent Triumph, the hand puppet’s commentary and interactions were hysterical.  After the jump, enjoy the funniest Triumph the Insult Comic Dog clips.

At the Attack of the Clones Premiere (Part I)

(Part II)

With Access Hollywood

Doing the Hawaiian Weather

With David Blaine

At the 2004 DNC

At the Tonys

At Comic Con 2008

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  1. oh man, you missed the funniest one ever, when triumph went and mingled with michael jackson fans who had congregated outside the courthouse to show support for their favorite fruitbat when he was on trial for pederasty a few years back. that one was so hilarious because the jackson fans had no sense of humor and were getting totally PISSED, and triumph totally kicked it up a notch when he realized he was getting to ’em. that’s seriously the greatest thing i’ve ever seen… you should try to dig that one up and add it to this list!

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