The Five Best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Characters

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate has 74 characters. Moreover, that number is expected to increase in the future as the people behind it proceeded to release DLC, though the exact number of planned additions remains unknown at this point in time. Regardless, the sheer number of characters means that it can be useful for interested individuals to look up some of the best possibilities to make the character selection process that much easier. Here are five of the best characters from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate:


Chrom is one of the three lead characters from Fire Emblem: Awakening. Moveset-wise, he has a fair number of similarities with Roy, but he has enough differences to differentiate himself as well. For example, Chrom lacks Roy’s bonus damage at the base of the sword but he makes up for it by having more consistent damage on the rest of the length. Certainly, there are people who can time their moves with perfect precision most of the time, but for the rest of us, this makes Chrom a more reliable option than his red-headed counterpart from Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade.


There are a number of characteristics that enable Inkling to stand out. First, their ink can slow their enemies as well as increase the amount of damage that is dealt to them when their enemies are coated in the stuff, meaning that a good Inkling player can put their opponents under a handicap and then keep them there for much of the match. Second, the Inkling’s Ink Roller can be used to guarantee a kill on weakened enemies, thus eliminating any uncertainty in the matter. Third, Inklings have a very solid set of basic attacks, which can really add up over the course of a match. Combined, these characteristics make Inklings a powerful choice, particularly when facing off against someone who is relatively inexperienced playing against them because of their newcomer status.


For people who enjoy making their opponents miserable in matches, Olimar isn’t a bad choice. In part, this is because Olimar can throw his minions at considerable distances, thus enabling him to do damage without coming into range of more close-ranged combatants. However, it should also be noted that Olimar’s minions come in different colors with different effects that range from doing more damage to poisoning and stunning enemies. As a result, Olimar is very versatile, which in turn, makes a strong Olimar player a very unpredictable one as well. On top of this, it should be mentioned that Olimar has other moves that let him do damage without putting himself in too much danger, thus making him even better-suited for skirmishing from a distance. It might not be particularly fun for the opponent, but it can be surprisingly useful, not least if it manages to irritate them into making a serious mistake that can be capitalized upon.


Pikachu doesn’t really have any single characteristic that stands out about him. Instead, he is a very well-rounded character who can be played to great effect by a wide range of players with a wide range of preferences. Some of Pikachu’s strengths include excellent mobility, a decent set of ranged options, and one of the best options for making a return to the stage when knocked off of it. Since this is the case, this makes Pikachu a very dangerous opponent to fight on the edges of the stages, not least because a good Pikachu player can capitalize on opportunities to send an opponent flying without putting themselves in much risk in the process.


With that said, Pikachu is pretty lightweight, so if players want someone heavier, they might want to go for Yoshi. Besides their bulk, Yoshi possesses a solid set of attacks, with their eggs being a particular stand-out. Granted, making the best use of eggs requires interested individuals to master the aiming as well as the timing, but once they have done so, Yoshi’s eggs can be used to excellent effect for creating opportunities for combos. On their own, the eggs can be formidable, but when turned into the lead-ins for combos, their damage potential rises by a significant extent.

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