The Story of Eevee

Hooray, I found a bedtime story I can read my future kids! That would be this tale of Eevee, the evolution obsessed Pokemon with a half dozen different forms he can transform into.

The artwork of Eevee and all his (her?) forms is incredible. The story? Uhh, it’s a little less profound than it wants to be. I really like the concept, but I have a feeling there was a  less awkward way to phrase uh, everything about most of these passages.

Check it out for yourself below.

What if I became transparent like water?

You could see all of me

But no

Then I’d slip through your fingers and wouldn’t

Be able to be hugged

What if I became intense like lightning?

I could protect you from anything that attacks you

But no

Then even you’d be afraid and I wouldn’t be able

To be by your side anymore

What if I became passionate like fire

I could snuggle you anytime you’re cold

But no

Then I might become too happy and accidentally

Burn you

What if I shine like the light?

No matter how dark the road is, I could brighten it for you

But no

Then I’d be the only one to stand out and you’d

Become a shadow

What if I became silent like darkness?

I wouldn’t be able to come to the surface normally, but I can support you from where I can’t be seen

But no

Then you might forget about me

What if I became calm like nature?

I could kindly hold you when you were feeling down

But no

Then I couldn’t be spoiled anymore

What if I became brave like ice?

We could occasionally fight with all our might

And both become stronger

But no

I’d melt when you buried me in your arm chest when

It was time to wake up

I thought and thought and then received these

Words from you

“Even if you don’t try that hard, you’re the only I love most”

I was so so happy

I love you the most too


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