The Five Best Ships From Destiny 2

A question asked about the importance of the ships on “Destiny 2” brought about a volley of comments. When a player asked the community why they were important, there were quite a few acknowledgments that the kind of ship doesn’t necessarily do anything to help you advance in the game, but it does provide you with some serious eye candy, and a bit of prestige. When you travel to the crucible, it’s lovely to see so many different beautiful ships appear. It’s for the variety and definitely serves as an enhancement to the game. With this in mind, here are the five top-rated Destiny 2 ships as ranked by gamers.

5. Black Perigrine

The Black Perigrine is one of the most highly ranked ships in “Destiny 2.” At first glance, you might think it’s one of the more simple in design. Although it doesn’t have a lot of color variation or adornments, it stands out in the fleet as a uniquely designed ship. When you observe the sleek and slender body, there’s something that is arguably elegant about this ship. It doesn’t need to have a lot of embellishment. When it presents in a group of more outlandishly designed ships it definitely stands out and makes a statement. It’s more of a classy ship that fits in perfectly with a Guardian of a higher class. There’s something sophisticated about the look of its ship, which makes it one of the top choices.

4. Cerulean Flash

Cerulean Flash isn’t the most popular ship but it certainly ranks high on the list of favorites. Even the name has an air of bling to it. This is the ideal ship for players who like to have a little extra pizzaz. This is an exotic jump ship that definitely applies a heavy dose of slash. You can get this ship from Bright Engrams as a part of the Dawning Set if you’re so inclined. It’s a bit older, but it still packs a lot of appeal for those who are into eye candy.

3. Death to Kells

Not all players would give Death to Kells a second look because it’s not particularly attractive or elegant, but it’s one of the most unique ships in “Destiny.” It’s set apart from most of the other ships in the game because it has an interesting backstory, which makes it even more special. It goes back to the Death to Kells lore. The Fallen dreg Avrok, an associate of Spider, created the ship. Avrok had an intense hatred of Kells, and he gave the ship this name to make his sentiment known to all. He felt that the Fallen leadership had abandoned him and this stirred some fairly negative emotions in him. Fallen society largely ignored him. If you take a good look at the ship, you’ll be able to see that it’s the one ship that stands out from the rest because it was made by a non-human race. It’s one of the only ships in Destiny that stands out for this reason, and for some players, this makes it the best.

2. Ada-1’s Lone Wolf

The second best ship in “Destiny 2” is Ada-1’s Lone Wolf. Even the name of this ship gives you a sense of uniqueness. When we say second best we really mean the second most popular choice. Ada-1’s Lone Wolf is an exotic Jump ship with an aggressive design that gives you a sense of menacing presence. It looks like a ship that could really tear things up. It makes you feel like you own the skies when you come flying up in this baby, and don’t kid yourself, everyone else is giving it a second look. Ada-1’s Lone Wolf appeared from the Prismatic Matrix in season 5 and Bright Engrams. Some would argue it should be in the first place. There is one ship in “Destiny 2” that rose above all of the others in popularity, so we’ll leave it in the second place position for now.

1. A Thousand Wings

A Thousand Wings is the ship that rose to the top of player rankings to become the most popular choice. A Thousand Wings, at a glance, really doesn’t need to be explained, but we’re going to do it anyway. We start with the design. It’s one of the most fabulous that can be earned in “Destiny.” For some, that makes it the best. For others, it’s a mark of achievement and accomplishments. Not anyone can obtain this highly prized ship. Only those who bear up and decide to take on a series of ultra-hard challenges and complete them will have the ability to obtain the ship. It’s more of a pride thing, and most players are well-aware of the fact. Everyone knows you don’t get this ship in a random drop. Instead, you have to earn it. Only the most skilled players are going to be seen flying one of these babies. In case you’re curious, the first challenge is to take on The Whisperer and complete it. It’s a secret quest you must complete on Heroic difficulty. You’re required to find five hidden chests. This gives you the blueprint for the ship, but it’s just the beginning. There are three elemental singe versions of the quest and you’re required to run them all on Heroic difficulty and complete them. For the record, it’s one of the hardest quests in destiny. If you see someone flying this ship it means that they took on the hardest quest in the game four times and completed them all. How’s that for a feather in your cap? A Thousand Wings is one of the rarest ships you’ll see in “Destiny.” It’s not hard to understand why.

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