The First Game of Thrones Cosplay Group

I’m wondering how big the dedication to Game of Thrones is going to get.   Like will the following be Harry Potteresque?  Is that even possible?  Could it down the road be some sort of following with the likes of Star Wars and Star Trek?   Only time will tell but I will say this.   There are legions are diehards out there.  Speaking of which…..

Game of Thrones Cosplay is the first Italian site with a themed approach to the world of cosplay, reenactments and events of a varied nature, dedicated to the World of Westeros created by the famous writer George Raymond Richard Martin in his saga, A Song of Ice and Fire.

One question.  Who has the time?  When are people doing this?   I don’t get it.   Then again, I don’t care.   Check out photos of this wacky group after the jump….

Once again we decided to go gallery format with this one.  Enjoy!

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  1. Must…resist…angry…rant….

    ARGH! Alright, as a waiter/bartender in a city with a Convention Center that regularly has Doctor and Cosplay conventions, I am hard pressed at figuring out which group I hate more. I mean the Docs are typically needy assholes who tip like they have no concept of the practice (my favorite was a group of doctors who spent around $193 dollars drinking and eating over a two hour period and didn’t even give me the full change…they left a f-ing five dollar bill). But the cosplayers…Jesus Titty Christ on a Cracker… Nothing like having a group of people who have clearly not been in public since the last time they went to “CosCon: whatever the flying f-“, wearing 30 lbs of crap making it impossible to get around them in the restaurant, and dealing with having to wipe up sweated paint off of seats, tables, and everything else. Can’t fit into our bathroom? Well sorry kid but you’re the idiot that left your parents’ home wearing wings that are 3 feet across. And yeah, if my regulars have to tell you kids to keep it down or stop knocking into them with your costumes, I am sure as shit am gonna kick your ass out instead of them. See…I know them and they know me. Some of them come in here and regularly spend their money. I am able to pay for college because of them. You just show up once a year and annoy the shit out of me. Oh…and WHY ARE YOU COMING TO A BAR/RESTAURANT IF YOU AIN’T GONNA DRINK?!? Also, Mr Amateur Lawyer in what I assume was a Geisha outfit, you can’t sit at a bar under the age of 21. It has nothing to do with your outfit nor am I anti-Japanese… which wouldn’t matter anyway because you are an obese 19 year old white boy. So shrieking and screaming racism made zero sense when I was just trying to protect my boss’s liquor license. Oh…and threatening to “take your business” elsewhere is hilarious. You little suburb failed abortions come into the city once a year. You spend next to nothing on anything that isn’t in the costume convention…I think we will survive without 5 virgins taking up a table IN A BAR for 3 hours while you idiots nurse cokes.

    WOW…that…that was cleansing. I apologize if I offended anyone. I realize that not every person that does this crap is the same as the idiots I seem to run into every year. I just seem to have a magnet for the shut in freaks.

  2. It’d be hard to believe that the craziness around Game of Thrones would get bigger than Harry Potter, Star Wars, or Star Trek simply because it’s less kid-friendly. Though I think Game of Thrones has a huge benefit just due to the sheer amount of characters one could dress up as. Plus, the “bad guys” and anti-heroes are a lot easier to mimic than say, the orcs from LOTR.

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