Five Reasons Why The Farrelly Brothers Can’t Fail

Has anyone seen Hall Pass?    OK here’s the thing.  I don’t want to ruin the movie for anyone but I have to say I saw it in the theater and thought it was pretty awesome.   Granted it wasn’t like other Farrelly classics such as Dumb and Dumber or There’s Something About Mary.   However, you might be surprised at how delightful a film it is.

And that’s why I wanted to write this article.  Hell, even the worst Farrelly brother movie was funny (I think it was Stuck on You which I happened to like a lot).

With that said, here are five reasons why a Farrelly brother movie can’t fail….

Nothing is too Gross

I’m pretty sure everyone in the world who saw Something About Mary could not believe the “twigs and berries” scene.  I mean to actually see a testicle and a penis intertwined?  I mean you kept wondering if they’d actually show it and they did!   The Farrelly’s make no stops when it comes to lewd and crude.   They have no qualms showing what most directors simply would not.

Nudity/Sex is Usually a Factor

Sex is a big part of their films.   In Hall Pass you see some amazing nudity shots and it’s awesome.  And even in the movies where you don’t actually see nudity you certainly see something pertaining to sex.   Like in Kingpin?  How about the frozen nipples scene in the basement bowling alley?  Awesome.   Talk about sex, how about The Heartbreak Kid?  Wow.

At least once you’ll say “man I didn’t expect that”

Along the same lines of nothing is too gross, the Farrelly’s have an uncanny ability to completely shock the audience.  I mean did you really think Jeff Daniels was going to throw that snowball at Lauren Holly’s face like that in Dumb and Dumber?  Did you really think you’d see semen in Cameron Diaz’s hair in Something about Mary?   The shock factor is always something to be aware of in a Farrelly brother film.

Everyone is Fair Game to be Made Fun Of

There are some people out there who get offended by the Farrelly’s use of mentally challenged people in their films.   If anyone isn’t racist or mean when it comes to these people in real life it’s the Farrelly’s.  They make fun of anyone and anything so lay off.   I mean give it a rest.

Athlete Appearances

In nearly every movie the Farrelly’s always feature a big named athlete.  I find it funny that Brett Favre was in Something About Mary.  You know, before all this penis stuff.   Roger Clemens in Kingpin?   The list goes on.

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  1. I am ALMOST with you. While most times they deliver a funny and somewhat touching film. . . you’re incorrect. They CAN fail. They have done one film that had no redeemind value whatsoever. It was so poorly put together and awkward that I had to force myself to finish it. OUTSIDE PROVIDENCE. Well, everybody slips up now and then. . .

  2. Jeez, Nattyb, first that post where you ponder being Justin Bieber for a day so you can get with every 16-year old in the world, now the slightly oversexed vibe coming from this post. (I know, it’s about Farrely movies, but the choice of words really sounds a tad too sex-crazed). And other posts… You may be not like this in real life, but on this site, you really come off as a horny, shady pervert.

    Tone it down a little, will ya?

  3. @Ericp

    I don’t mind him comming off as a pervert. It’s not like he’s super controversial anyway. I think he makes the site a little more interesting with his tabu-ism 😉

  4. I tought the title was a joke, so i giggled at it, and then i found out you where serious. Is it April 1st alredy? Nothing these guys has done since There’s Something About Mary has been anywhere close to good. The Hearbreak Kid is the worst of them all.

  5. I hail Dumb and Dumber as a classic. Everything after it is sub-par or bearable.
    Their humour is low brow and shallow.
    If there’s any comedic director to be interested in, it should the likes of Noah Baumbach, Miguel Arteta, Todd Solondz. Or how can i forget Woody Allen. These are directors worth making posts about.

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