The Dark Tower Film Series that Could Have Been

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The Dark Tower septilogy by Stephen King is one of my favorite book series of all time, but I am fervently against it getting a film adaptation. The world is too bizarre, too expansive and too high concept to ever be rendered effectively onscreen, not to mention the man who was born to play Roland Deschain is in his eighties now.

But what if that wasn’t the case? What if the books had been written in time when Clint Eastwood COULD have taken on the titular role? Sean Hartter had that idea and crafted this series of posters which imagines a universe where such films were made. Jack Nicholson, Pam Grier, Harvey Keitel and Ricky Schroder also star. Check out the cast list on all the posters for even more notable additions.

There was actually a planned adaptation of the series recently with Javier Bardem (ugh) in the lead and Ron Howard (double ugh) directing, but that fell apart due to the reasons I’ve already brought up. Thank God.

Check out the rest of the poster set below.

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  1. I’m 4 books in to this series. Will be picturing the rest of the series with these actors in my mind. Well done…and I’m very glad this will never come to fruition. Some things are better left untouched.

  2. Pam Grier… interesting choice. It would be pretty awesome to see her deliver those “honkey” lines… Stephen King is an amazing writer, but it seems like his books never translate to screen well (okay, maybe Carrie). Remember what a train wreck of a mini series they turned the Stand into? So, so sad. If they can’t make the movies/TV thing they’d planned, Clint Eastwood really will be Roland forever. How sweet.

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