Five Predictions We’re Making About The Sopranos Prequel

Everybody’s favorite mob boss is coming back! Tony Soprano captured the intense interest of viewers for many years. He was the murdering mobster that we all knew and loved (or for some, loved to hate). He looked like a cuddly bear with a heart of gold that could turn to solid stone in a heartbeat. Sadly, James Gandolfini isn’t around anymore to see the prequel, which will star none other than his own son! Yes, his son, Michael, who looks just like his dearly departed Dad, will be playing the young Tony Soprano. The prequel film is entitled “The Many Saints of Newark” and no less than nine directors have been vying for the privilege of directing a movie about everybody’s fave crime family. “The Sopranos” went off the air in 2007 after six great seasons. The show has often been called one of the best TV dramas in history but that infamous series finale that we all thought would feature Tony’s violent death, simply cut to black. It’s probably known as the most-anticipated but least exciting series finales ever.

It will represent Tony’s earlier life when he was young and up-an-coming in the family. From a deftly developed script by David Chase and Lawrence Konner, the film will chronicle not just Tony’s early life in Newark but his family and friends as well. It’ll be interesting to see what made the man what he eventually became and so we came up with these five predictions we’re making about the Sopranos prequel:

1. Mommy Dearest

Important characters like Tony’s mother and father and mother could be heavily involved in the prequel. In “The Sopranos” TV series, we got a taste of what a screaming hyena Mom was and why Tony had so much disdain for her. We predict that the prequel will show a lot more of this and maybe even some b.g. on why she became that way. Maybe Dad was abusive or she was sexually abused when she was a young girl. Either way, we’re sure to get some interesting insight into Tony’s very own “Mommy Dearest”.

2. Birds of a Feather

The prequel should include lots of young guys who are in Tony’s fledgling gang. We predict that he was a leader even way back then and led his friends into some pretty bad situations on their way up the crime ladder. We also predict that they’ll mirror some of Tony’s later soldiers . They could be some very interesting and volatile characters as Tony leads them into battle on the streets of Newark

3. A Product of His Environment.

The prequel will begin in a tumultuous time because of the violent riots that took place in Newark, New Jersey in the 1960s. It was a turf war between the African-Americans and the Italian mafias. Since the exact story details haven’t been confirmed as of yet, we predict that these bloody riots involved Tony and members of his family and his close circle of violent friends. On the other hand, it could involve them more at the onset and then Tony gets sucked in because of something happening to one of them. We never thought much of Tony as an “avenging angel” but maybe he avenges the death of someone close to him. The mob war, of course, turns exceptionally bloody and lethal.

4. Potential Directors

Considering the fact that the prequel film will be a gangster drama period-piece, we predict that Martin Scorsese would be a truly an excellent choice but that probably won’t happen. The directors who are genuinely interested in the gig include:

  • Tim Van Patten
  • Michelle MacLaren
  • Bart Layton
  • Mimi Leder
  • Taylor Sheridan
  • Alan Taylor
  • Jeremy Saulnier
  • Asif Kapadia
  • Jonas Carpignano

On the other hand, couldn’t Chase himself be the man of the hour sitting in that director’s chair? He’s currently listed only as a producer and co-writer and producer but who knows what the future will bring in this particular case? He is said to be heavily involved in all parts of the hiring process.

5. Welcome Back

The prequel film will bring back many of the central characters from the HBO series, including those younger versions of Tony’s mother and father. In the original series, they were featured in flashbacks and played by Nancy Marchand and Joseph Siravo. We predict they’ll use therm again in the prequel. In addition, Tony’s uncle Junior should make an appearance, only as a much younger man.

In any case, no matter who directs and who makes up the supporting cast, this prequel is definitely one to watch. That’s our final prediction actually. We predict that everybody will watch at least once and that’ll surely be enough to get them hooked.

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