The Anime Characters You’ll Date in Real Life








The most tragic thing about the Digimon one is that it’s superior to the Pokemon anime in every way. Especially Tamers. Chick should get her priorities straight.

Comic via JHall

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      1. False. Pokemon 1996 (first game), Digimon 1997 (first virtual pet). Even if you go by tamagotchis, which were also released in 1996, Pokemon was first (Feb vs Nov).

    1. the good with digimon was that every anime was about something,digimon andventure was about,the relationship between humans and how we can help each other become stronger.digimon andventure 02 was about human nature,it taught us that we all have a dark seed in our bodys wich gets feeded by negative experiences and negative way’s of thinking.digimon tamers was about how subjective terms are good and evil,right and wrong.I am sure the same goes to the rest digimon series(I have just started watching digimon frontier,I guess it is probably about believing to yourself learn from your experiences but I am not saying anything for sure yet,also I haven’t watch xrox wars and savers yet.)

  1. I thought of one more: The Major (Ghost in the Shell)
    -Almost inseparable from her electronic devices
    -Talks your ears off about political and philosophical issues that will confuse you
    -Emotionally unexpressive to an almost robot-like degree
    -Wears such revealing outfits, you won’t care about the first three either way.

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