That Guy Actor of the Week: Jack Conley

This is one of the first times I’ve done a “That Guy Actor of the Week” and have barely found anything on the actor.   Today we’re focusing on Jack Conley.   If you’ll notice neither IMDB or Wikipedia gives much information on the guy.   What’s even weirder is that I don’t even see a birthdate for the guy.

Maybe the sites are just glitchy today.   Anyway, Conley’s been around long enough that he has 92 titles to his name.  He’s one of those guys that seems to play “filler” roles that are necessary in film and TV but that you don’t really remember him for.

You might recognize him from Fast and Furious or even L.A. Confidential.  These days Conley mostly does television and seems to have found a niche playing cops.      P.S. I couldn’t find a single clip involving Conley so his picture up to will have to do.

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  1. Hello,

    Yeah I just went to look for this guy on wikipedia, as I thought someone on the latest series of Dallas was played by this character. I searched for “Sahjhan” on Angel and found out this actors name.

    You’ll find clips of him on Youtube if you search along the lines of “Angel Sahjhan” he played a demon really good actor. As he wore alot of make-up on Angel I didn’t recognise him without his makeup on.

    How come you done a piece on him?

  2. If you’re a fan of both “Buffy” and “Angel” he played both Gib Cain, the Werewolf hunter, in “Phases” and Sahjhan, the demon, in Angel. I own both series ( I was a big buffy fan) and I wouldn’t have recognized him as both characters because he looked completely different to me. Even the voice was different. That might be why there’s so little of him out there – he’s a character actor and his career revolves around his ability to play completely different characters. Anyway I thought he was one of the more interesting characters in Angel. The Buffy episode was in Season One and the Sahjian character really started in Season 4 of Angel with “Quickening” so he was pretty much in and out of the show the whole time it was on in different roles.
    I don’t know about clips but you can buy the whole individual episodes on itunes. The Phases character he plays ( where he’s a werewolf hunter, the guy who collects the teeth) is the only episode of Buffy he was on but he was in several episodes of “Angel” starting with “Quickening”. He’s the demon who brings Holtz into the 20th century and in that episode they show a brief instant where he isn’t wearing his “demon” face.

  3. He played two separate characters on the Angel/Buffy series – he played both Gib Cain, the Werewolf hunter, in “Phases” and Sahjhan, the demon, in Angel.
    The Sahjhan character started with the episode “Quickening” in season 4, though he shows his “human face” ( I.E. without all the makeup he wears to play a deamon) for a brief few minutes in “Quickening”. Gib Cain was a one-time character only in “Phases” on Buffy. If you’re looking for video clips of him playing either character you can buy the individual episodes on itunes. It is interesting he is the only actor Wikipedia doesn’t give a full biography on. All it says is he has a wife and has been acting for years. The other characters give pretty good-sized biographies. Anyway, he was great in both roles.

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