Have a Look at the Construction Progress at Disney Star Wars Park

Star Wars fans everywhere, rejoice! Disney is yet again making your dreams come true. When Disney announced that they were expanding on their existing Star Wars attractions at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, we didn’t really know what to expect. We’re already quite happy with what’s there, but more is always welcome. When the concept art for the entire project was released, we were all just blown away. If there’s one place and one organization that can make this happen, it’ll be Disney.

Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s End is a complete immersive experience into the world of Star Wars, particularly Planet Batuu. Recent photos of the construction progress have been released, maybe as a teaser or even evidence for all of us who are still pinching ourselves in disbelief. Most of the construction site is unrecognizable at this point, but coupled with the concept art, we can see where it’s headed. And we love it already. At the park, you’ll be able to walk the old trade routes that have been abandoned by many for hyperspace travel. It’s where you’ll find all the rogue traders and smugglers who are trying to stay out of the mainstream world of the First Order. You’ll also be able to fly the Millennium Falcon, as you shoot blasters at attacking enemies on your mission. You’ll see many different characters from galaxies far, far away and even get a chance to drink some blue milk, as Luke Skywalker likes it.

There’s much to look forward to in the coming year, as the Star Wars Park won’t be open until 2019. You can, however, already view a portion of the model right now. That’s on display at an exhibit at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. If you’d rather wait in anticipation, we suggest you start saving for some preview tickets or Fast Pass cards because this is one attraction that might actually attract us all.

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