Target Practice

We used to shoot at Osama Bin Laden at our gun ranges here in America, but now that he has literal bullet in his body, that’s sort of left us with no viable singular enemy to hone our skills on.

That’s where artist Olly Moss steps in. We’ve featured him on the site before, and though this isn’t exactly the most difficult art project he’ s done, it’s definitely one of the cooler ones.

The funniest part is that I’d say eight out of the nine bad guys featured here can’t actually be hurt by bullets, and at least one will dodge them completely. Who will get it? I don’t think Goombas are bullet resistant if they’re not jump resistant, and possibly the guy in the top right corner, because I don’t know who he is.

You can buy this as a print here.

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  1. @Doug

    Good call, I didn’t even notice the target area when I first looked at this

    @ Mandy

    You can have carboard cutouts made of people for less than $20, so I assume there has to be a place that will make a target-sized version of this for you.

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