Stefan Tosheff’s All New X-Men

The X-Men have gone through more redesigns than I can count over the years, but this is a new take I haven’t really seen before. i’ts from artist Stefan Tosheff, who is all about cool redesigns of iconic characters on his blog.

His take on the X-Men are interesting. He’s redesigned a lot of the major heroes, but a few of the sub-ones as well. I can’t remember the last time I’ve even THOUGHT about Sunfire or Thunderbird.

Check out the gallery below and see what you think. Cyclops is a bit robocop, Banshee looks the same and Colossus looks like Iceman now that he’s not ribbed for her pleasure. Quite a curious set of character.

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  1. Ok, Wolverine looks not bad, but the others look just weird. And is it weird that when I saw Cyclops, all I could think was, “wow, those are going to be wicked weird tan lines on his face.”?

  2. There is something weird about the way he draws, granted he is talented in coloring/shading and understands design, but IMO his drawings appear juvenile. Also I’m not too crazy about his redesigns.

  3. Cyclops’ mask is very inspired by his Age of X version. I do like the Wolverine though, the shorter blades look far more functional than the long ones he current uses.

  4. I like it; I’d like to see what his backgrounds are like… Give the dude an X-book; it can’t be worse than what they’re doing with the Ultimate X-Men…

  5. Some nice elements, especially in Cyclops suit (the visor is horrible) and in Nightcrawler. I don’t really see what is “all new” or “all different” about them.

  6. I think their good. Their only rough versions. I bet most of you goons can’t draw. Everyone is a critic these days. I’d rather see this group than the X-Men in Ultimate Comics.

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