Soulstice is a New Hack and Slash Gothic Romp with Two Sisters

Soulstice is a gnarly new action game that is under development by Modus Games. This new title takes place in a fantastical realm called Keidas. This place is a holy kingdom that is in servitude to the light and fair justice for all. One day, beings called “Wraiths” crept in from the other side of death and began corrupting Keidas. They possess the civilians of Keidas, turning them into vicious beasts that will attack whatever gets in their way. However, there is a special faction of spiritual warriors called the “Chimera” that are the only ones who can stop the Wraith in their tracks. One Chimera, in particular, is a fusion of souls from two sisters named Briar and Lute. Being resurrected as a Chimera, Briar has been granted super strength, speed, and endurance. The other sister, Lute, remains as a specter that assists her sister during this adventure. They set out to save their city from complete destruction from the Wraiths while unraveling a conspiracy that was set up from the Order in which they serve.

This game has a gothic overlaying with a few steampunk undertones. It certainly has a Bayonetta vibe to it that is accompanied by deep lore that is similar to BloodBorne. There is no doubt that there is a lot to sink your teeth into with Soulstice, and it is one of those titles that generally came out of nowhere. From the gameplay that was shown, this will be a hack and slash venture where players control two different characters at the same time. From a gameplay perspective, this game seems to have an interesting spin on a genre that has been around forever. Other games may have dabbled in this notion, but the idea of controlling two different warriors to smite evil sounds appealing. Surely, this control scheme will offer satisfying combat and countless hours of interesting combos.

Sisterly Slaughter

The way combat works in Soulstice is kind of the same way Kratos and Atreus fight in God of War. Briar specialized in melee fighting, beating down the slew of enemies that flood the arena. Lute, on the other hand, focuses on manipulating the battlefield with her ghostly powers. The trailer shows Briar unleashing a fury of combos while Lute stuns enemies and assists her sister with special moves. Even though Briar’s default weapon is some kind of Buster Sword, there will be other weapons to use. A giant axe, a crushing hammer, and even a whip were briefly shown in the gameplay. Every weapon can be switched on the fly and even during mid-combo. This, in turn, gives the sisters the ability to set up epic combos that can reach ridiculous proportions. The fighting is bloody, rich, and fluid. Briar has cat-like reflexes accompanied by powerful blows that can send enemies alight in all directions.

The weapons are unlocked throughout the natural progression of the game. On top of that, they can also be upgraded. Briar and Lute are going to need them because the Wraith is indeed an intimidating foe. They come cladded in jagged armor and brandishing hellish weapons. The bosses also come in the “full-screen” variety. Oversized brutes that are armed with massive weapons will thunder onto the arena, forcing players to switch up their strategies. There will be different classes of enemies that each have their own strengths and weaknesses. Hence, players will need to think strategically on how to take them out in the midst of combat. Really, it’s no different than what players are versed in Devil May Cry, but Soulstice certainly looks slicker due to the new specs of current generation hardware.

Chimera Craziness

The city where this story takes place is called Ilden. With the Wraith running around tearing things apart, the source seems to be a rift in the sky that is directly in the center of the city. Briar and Lute must fight their way into the bowels of Ilden and close this rift. Ilden is brimming with places to explore and mysteries to unravel. There will be puzzles to solve during this playthrough, all offering new items and rewards to help players during their quest. From what was seen, the camera appears to be fixed, framing everything up exactly how it should be. There will be tranquil moments for players to explore this city, but anything can happen at any time. Apparently, there will be action set-pieces in Soulstice, as well.

There was a moment showing the sisters running away from a metallic mass barrelling toward them in an alleyway. This game will have a variety of crazy situations that will go beyond just fighting hordes of Wraight. There will also be quite a bit of platforming, too. It looks like the action in Soulstice will unfold at a breakneck pace and will be non-stop. In its heart, this is a story about two sisters who need to remember who they were and reclaim their humanity. There is no doubt that there is a well-established story in this game and it takes center stage among the chaos. This game is set to be released pretty soon and it looks like it’s on the right path to garner a myriad of fans. Of course, the developers have been pretty quiet about how things are going with this title. Hopefully, everything is going smoothly regarding development and there won’t be any setbacks.

Secret of the Souls

There is certainly an interesting story to Soulstice and any hack and slash fan should have no qualms about jumping into this world. This game is supposed to be released sometime this year, but there hasn’t been any quarter locked in, yet. Right now, it’s anyone’s guess. In any case, it won’t be too long before this game is launched. The developers might need a little extra time to polish what they have established and there is nothing wrong with that. There is definitely some potential here and the story of Briar and Lute can go a long way. Expect Soulstice to release sometime this year for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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