So Uh, Graphics are Pretty Good Now

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For all the complaining we do about games (a post about this is coming up in an hour), sometimes you have to sit back and just marvel at how far we’ve come. From Pong to Contra to this? Incredible.

These new screens are from Battlefield 3, and on first glance it’s hard to distinguish if some of them are photos or computer generated. Now, these are assuredly shots from the PC version, and there’s no way on earth my comp could run something anywhere close to this good, but it’s a glimpse at the future. I also can’t tell if these are taken from cinematic cutscenes, or the actual game. I would hope it would all be using them same engine, but I suppose it might not be.

Check out even more photos, I mean screenshots, from the game below:


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  1. Gameplay vids. If you watch the Frostbite 2 Engine Trailer, mixed in both console and PC gameplay footage and ask us to tell which is which. Its pretty impressive, although it seems to me the scenes with far draw distances are PC and most of the close quarters/immediate area scenes are from console.

  2. Whats up with the weapons? The FN-P90’s clip seems to be falling through the gun and the M4 seems to have the same amount of polygons as a CS:S model 😐

  3. Imagine if people spent the time and money invested into making these incredibly lifelike graphics into, I dunno, actually making the world a better place.

  4. I agree with Sarah – yeah graphics are great but this goes into your post from last week-ish about how it’s the same game over and over. Now with slightly better graphics. Past a certain point, too, I have to feel like you are trading something to get these. Especially for consoles there is a limit to the data storage. Were graphics really that awful 3 years ago that you wouldn’t play? Heck I fondly remember games I liked on NES.

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