Mario’s Friends and Enemies Get a Terrifying Makeover

CG art is quickly becoming as cool or cooler than traditional art, as KatonC demonstrates above.

He’s taken a few characters from the Mushroom Kingdom and pumped them up to¬†grotesque¬†proportions with the help of computer modeling and a bit of creativity. As you can see, Wario is in full roid rage mode above, having converted his rolls into Incredible Hulk-like muscle mass.

Below we have Peach, looking like a beauty pageant runner up turned 40 year old meth addict with a bad boob job. That’s not an insult to the sculpting, I really think that’s what he was going for. And below that there’s a spiked Koopa, ready to tear Mario a new rectum. Check out both below:

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  1. Pretty neat! I think alot of that design is borrowed from other art. Thats Andore’s (Final Fight) torso, I’ve seen Peaches face somewhere before, I want to say old movies (not to mention those fake boobies) and that looks like toka (or razar – I always mess them up) from TMNT.

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