The Top Five Skyrim Black Book Quests

Skyrim is easily one of the most popular games ever designed. It’s also one of the most challenging. There are all kinds of quests within the original quest, and there are enough things to do on the side to keep gamers busy for what feels like forever. One of the more popular side quests involves the Black Book Quests, and there are more than enough of them to keep things interesting, to say the least. Below are five of the top Skyrim Black Book Quests, along with a link for a YouTube video for each one.

1. The Hidden Twilight

This quest involves thousands upon thousands of poison tentacles. They’re out to get you, so you had better be ready to do some serious battle if you plan on coming out of this quest unscathed. Fortunately, you have some things on your side. You can freeze the poisonous tentacles for a short time and if you do well enough, you even get your health boosted when you are finished with the quest.

2. The Sallow Regent

This one seems fairly simple. If you go through the quest and you win, you get better skills in combat throughout the rest of the game. With that being said, you know it’s not going to be that easy when it comes to actually succeeding. If you aren’t successful, any spells you cast won’t be as effective. If you stay on your toes, it all balances out, as you have a slight increase in your ability to get through the quest without being seen.

3. The Winds of Change

This quest is all about learning something new, as you might have guessed by its very name. The whole point is to teach you the skills you need to get through the rest of the game. This is an extremely difficult challenge, as you don’t have the ability to attack or cast spells. However, you can find love if you succeed, which also makes this one of the more unique quests in this game.

4. Untold Legends

Here, you can increase your stamina, which is a big deal since it can help you get to the end of the game without being killed. Like all of the other quests, it’s designed to be difficult. There’s nothing easy about getting through this one, but you can find a walkthrough in the link above to help you figure it all out.

5. Waking Dreams

You might think of this one as the ultimate battle quest for the entire game. It’s more difficult than the rest of them, but if you make it, you can use the accompanying points to help you out when you need it most in other parts of the game. It’s basically like having a get out of jail free card, but it’s one you’re going to have to earn through a lot of hard work.

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