Seven Movies That Made Me Afraid Of Babysitters And Babysitting

Whoever invented babysitting, wasn’t thinking straight. How does anyone trust anyone with their precious annoying children? What can be so important that parents feel the need to entrust their pride and joy to boy-crazy teenage girls? If movies have taught us anything it’s this: Don’t hire a babysitter (because they don’t really care about your children), and don’t babysit (because it’ll most likely get you murdered).

Alright, I’m exaggerating… as always. Not all babysitters have serial-killer stalkers named Michael Myers. But movies have sure made it seem that way haven’t they? Here are seven movies that have made me rethink babysitters and babysitting.

The Babysitters

A bunch of nice looking girls get together to “babysit” kids around their neighborhood, but what they’re really doing is providing a brothel-like delivery service for bored husbands. It’s any mother’s worst nightmare.


Look, I would love to have a babysitter/nanny like Amelia. She tends to those children like they were her own. But her situation just reminds me of how big a responsibility other people’s children are. Imagine if, for some crazy reason, you’d get stuck in the middle of the Mexican desert with your boss’s kids and no water, no cellphone, no nothing? That must be one of the worst feelings in the world.


Did you know that Halloween was originally suppose to be titled The Babysitter Murders? This movie is literally about a man who hunts down babysitters (three of them!).

The Hand That Rocks The Cradle

In this case, the babysitter loves the kids so much that she begins to think they’re hers. Here’s a piece of advice – If you ever catch your beloved nanny breastfeeding your child, it’s time for them to go.

The Nanny

Imagine getting stuck with a child who profoundly believes you want to kill him? That’s what happens to Bette Davis in The Nanny. It’s her against the imagination of a 10-year-old brat.

The House Of The Devil

As a babysitter, you should always, always make sure there is a child to take care of. If not, just turn around and walk out that door, or you might end up in a horrible situation like Samantha did.

Don’t Bother To Knock

The most glamorous movie star of all time played a babysitter in Don’t Bother To Knock, and she was awful. This movie is a reminder to parents that they need to screen anyone who might be taking care of their kids. Marilyn Monroe’s Nell Forbes is a psychotic and depressed woman on the verge of suicide. She should be in a mental hospital, not taking care of a little girl.

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