Seven Gigantic End Bosses from the Last Decade of Gaming

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. Rock Titan

Hey, look! It’s that game: God of Shadow of the Castlelossus. Man, that game is…contrived.

This is the part where you tell me this is just a shameless God of War and Shadow of the Colossus rip off, and a shoddy one at best. And this is the part where I agree with you. I don’t like this game.

Borderlands 2: Terramorphus the Invincible

He drops a legendary weapon called The Screecher, that gives you handjobs.

I like to mention Terramorphus because some people don’t know about him, and beat Borderlands 2 without having ever beaten him, which makes sense because you kind of can’t beat him until after you kill Jack (unless there is something I did differently and am unaware) and the thing about fighting him is you.will.die.

Heh heh.

Franchises That Deserve A Nod For Big Bosses:

The Dead Space franchise has delivered some massive enemies, and I am sure part three will only up the ante.

Dark Souls is so full of massive hellspawn, I don’t even like to bring it up.

The Lost Planet series is all about giant bosses, though the glowing spots ruin a great deal of the fun of beating them.

You can train it to grab you a beer and shit outside.

Bulletstorm had a few ginormous bosses, and they were all a blast to take down. Hint, shoot it in the balls.

Arkham Asylum and Arkham City had some great bosses, but I am still mad about the “Super Steroid Joker” battle. I hold grudges for awhile. Speaking of grudges….. 

No. Just no.

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  1. Man, if there’s one thing Bayonetta taught me, it’s that angels are disgusting. That was totally my favorite fight, too. Spinning tentacle blades!

    Bayonetta 2 might actually get me to break down and buy a Wii U.

  2. All awesome battles.

    If you adjust for inflation, you gotta give props to Super Metroid and the fight with Kraid. Being a little kid and all of a sudden taking on a boss that fills TWO screens was bonkers.

  3. I can’t imagine a Shadow of the Colossus movie being good. Maybe as an animated short, but ninety minutes of running up big CG beasts could really suck.
    @ Shri, great call, I was really embattled about that, only because I was trying to keep it primarily new school, but Painkiller might just be my face big bosses. That first level cemetery fight is pants-shittingly awesome.
    Never played ASURA, but have heard great things and intend to.
    Kraid was awesome, and I remember actually being a little scared during the fight, as dumb as that may sound now.
    And Fallout 3, yes. I loved that game and am actually made I forgot that moment. I would just launch grenades and pray it fell before it reached me.

  4. Good call on the Reapers.
    @ Damon, go check out my site, that should answer your question with a resounding no. But lists work really well with this site at hitting all demographics of readers.
    For non-lists on this site, I HIGHLY recommend TJ Fink’s wildly creative mind.

  5. Just FYI the resistance boss you put in is not Dedalus..that is the Leviathan..and no he wasn’t a very difficult boss…fighting him was more of a matter of completing the level but that didnt make him any less awesome

  6. I want to give you a high five for not liking lords of shadow. Being a castlevania, sotc and god of war fanboy I slogged through its shoddy combat and when I reached the part where it ripped off sotc ~half-assedly~ my heart was completely broken I stopped playing. Does it have any redeeming quality? Now that a sequel is coming I’m thinking of giving it another try.

  7. You can tell the author hasn’t played Dragon’s Dogma, The best! of the Giant Boss fights games this gen. Where hanging from a bosses genitals as you hack away at him while he flies through the air is the least worries.

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