Secret Agents Calvin and Hobbes Get Enemies

You’ll probably remember this post from a few weeks back which showed Calvin and Hobbes grown up as secret agents. Well now, from the same artist comes a look at their arch rivals, the dastardly Christopher Robin and his sidekick Pooh Bear.

It makes sense that the two would be enemies, as they both have the same sort of relationship with their imaginary animal friends. What? You didn’t think Christopher Robin really was friends with a bunch of talking animals did you?

Anyway, I hope this series continues and we get to see them battle it out.

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  1. It took me way to long to figure out the boy is Christopher Robin. I’m sorry, but that guy looks nothing like him. My first thought was it is Shaggy from Scoopy Doo with a more serious look and different clothes.

  2. Maybe Robin went mad from the constant abuse he received because of those shorts he always wore. Or maybe his parents were crazy abusive and thats why he created the 100 acre wood in the first place, once he got old enough pooh convinced him to kill his parents for the inheritance and started his evil empire.

    Only the plucky and suave Calvin and his trusted no nonsense tiger can put down the fearsome C. Robin and P. Bear before they destroy the worlds supply of gold by turning it into honey. Also i assume they have started genocide against elephants, or as the madman calls them, Heffalumps

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