Rob Chandler’s Wonky Metal Gear Solid Art

130218 - Fox-Hound Comp

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Artist Rob Chandler has his own views on how Metal Gear Solid characters should looks. They should be super cute cartoons and ready to star in their own Adult Swim cartoon! I can fully get behind that.

The above image is a collage of all the folks he’s done so far from the series, but if you want a look at each individual character, you should head below.

Fun fact: I’ve only ever played Metal Gear Solid 2. I have no idea why. It’s just one series that has simply passed me by over the years, but it’s kind of too late to go back and play all the old ones now. I’m a terrible gamer, I know.
130218 - Liquid

130211 - Ocelot v2

130205-06 - Sniper Wolf

130204 - psycho mantis

130203 - Vulcan Raven

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