Requiem for Breaking Bad


How good is this nine minute long recap the entire series of Breaking Bad set to the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack? It’s currently sitting at two dislikes out of 42,000 views. Two. I’ve seen videos that have kittens crawling out of Kate Upton’s cleavage that have more dislikes than that. Go look for that video immediately.

But in any case, yes, it is that damn good, even if you’re not a fan of the show. In fact, it might be a good way to catch up your friend or roommate or significant other if you’re pumped to watch the new season and their not. Sometimes you just don’t have time to crank out 50 hours of TV in two weeks. Check it out for yourself above, and if you dislike it, I’ll be ashamed for you.

And that Kate Upton video doesn’t exist. Sorry, that was mean. Now you have “Kate Upton cleavage kittens” stuck in your search history.

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  1. I watched it the first time and yes, it is glorious. I’m a big fan of Breaking Bad and Lux Aeterna, even if it’s overused in movie trailers.

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