This Replica Gantz X-Gun Owns, Period


Replica guns to me, are either pretty awesome or pretty lame.  While I have to admit I have absolutely no clue what the hell Gantz is, when I saw this gun I knew I had to share it.   Oh by the way, Gantz:O is the CG-animated that cover Gantz’s Osaka arc.  Toy makers MegaHouse made this ridiculously amazing gun in anticipation of the movie which has newly been released.   Here are some more details from Nerdapproved:

It’s a 1:1-scale replica of the X Gun from the film, which weighs in at one-and-a-half pounds and measures almost 10 inches long. Like an adult version of the annoying battery-powered toy laser you carried around as a kid (or was that just me?), MegaHouse’s Gantz gun lights up, makes sounds and opens up when the trigger is pulled. This is definitely not kids’ stuff, though, and the X Gun replica comes with an adult price: ¥39,960, or almost $400.

It’s just a matter of time before one of these babies is real.  Check out the video below:



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