More Awesome Behind the Scenes Shots from Famous Movies

One of the things I find amazing about movies is that I usually tend to get caught up in them so much that at times I don’t even believe that the characters are in fact fake.   Well, at least when I’m watching a good movie I feel this way.   What I mean it, sometimes it’s strange to think that these are merely actors working on sets and that it’s only their job.

You don’t realize that they go home after work.   You don’t think that they joke around off the set.   That they play pranks on each other.   Or whatever the hell else human beings do.    But it’s pictures like these that remind us that these individuals are in fact people and that movies are in fact make believe.

Check out this latest batch of behind the scenes movie photos….

The Matrix

The Matrix

Conan the Barbarian

Total Recall


Jurassic Park

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas


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