Chinese tech company Lenovo are not exactly the best of the best branded names that would leap to mind when you’re thinking of a top quality gaming PC. But thanks to the recent announcement that they would be joining forces with gaming hardware and software company Razer things maybe about to take a very positive step forward.


Razer is already fast becoming a popular brand amongst PC gamers around the world and now they’re hoping to join forces with a PC manufacturer to create a whole new line of gaming PC’s. The company already manufacture a number of gaming products and accessories that include tablets, laptops and PC peripherals such as gaming pads, the Razer DeathAdder gaming mouse, keyboards and other audio devices for gamers.

Razer is set for their new system to create a more immersive experience for all types of PC gamer, whether that’s joining mass multiplayer shootouts, immersing yourself in popular
retro gaming or spinning midnight slots at your favourite online casino. Many of the latter, such as Euro Palace Casino, now offer downloadable software that would easily run on such high performance machines. In fact, you’d probably be hard pressed to find a recent title that doesn’t run smoothly!

Razer has numerous products under their banner which involve many features that interest Lenovo and will certainly be beneficial to their gaming community. There is a cloud-based
gaming facility, gaming audio and also in-game chat software all of which could be implemented into their new gaming PC’s. And it’s not just PC gaming that the two
companies will be concentrating their efforts on in the future and other gaming technology will be developed for consumers.

January saw the first release from the new partnership, the Razer Edition of the Lenovo Y Series gaming desktop, and the two companies are hoping that this special collaborative effort will go a long way in helping them both gain a better foothold in the market. Razer are using the joint venture to help secure them as a leading manufacturer and developer of quality gaming accessories, whilst Lenovo are using the gaming expertise of Razer to help make their gaming PC’s more competitive in the gaming market itself.


Next month sees the return of the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow CES 2016 in Las Vegas and this is where the first of this interesting new Razer Edition gaming PC’s will be unveiled. Beyond this the company have already announced that there will also be multiple new designs and products for us to look forward to in the very near future.

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