Giant Spider carrying a Dead Mouse is a True Halloween Nightmare


During the month of October we’ve been posting picture after picture of costumes, movies, anything related to Halloween.  But I can honestly say most of the stuff we’re posting isn’t real.  It’s either a costume, special effects, or something that’s exaggerated.  After all, that’s what most of this stuff is.  It’s accentuating the real with things that aren’t real.  But this my friends is something real, disturbing and downright horrifying.

In Coppabella Australia, some guy caught this humongous spider dragging a dead mouse by its head across his refrigerator.  You read that correctly.   First of all, that he was this close even filming this thing is the scariest part of all.  I’d have been 30 miles down the highway in my car if I saw this thing.  Second of all, the man taping this thing actually “adopted” the spider and is now calling it “Hermie.”  In case you’re wondering “Hermie” is a huntsman spider which is known for being large and having eight eyes.  As for killing mice and being that strong?  That’s not too well known.

Boy is this creepy.

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