Happy Post Election Day!

Well, the election is over, and my guy won. Yeahhh I said it, now that this thing is over. And now we’ll stop talking about politics until the next time I feel like it.

I really only made this post so I could share this picture of Arnold which was allegedly taken the day he got his US citizenship. I wonder how many people saw that photo and said “damn, I bet he’ll be a governor someday.”

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  1. I remember when he won the California recall election, and GOP pundits were talking about amending the Constitution so he could run for POTUS.

    Politics always brings the gift of lulz.

  2. Congrats on your guy winning; unfortunately, my country lost.

    But, yes, I for one am so so so so so glad that the election season is over and done with. Truth is, I don’t trust ANY politician, and I think that’s the safest mindset any of us can have in this day and age.

  3. Many seem to think it cool to be above politics. But regardless of how awful the politicians, policy has actual real world consequences that affect you and the people you care about. One simple example: requiring insurance companies to cover you on your parents plan until the age of 25. One side supports it, the other doesn’t. I suspect this effects many readers of this website. Ever noticed those donation jars with pictures of local sick young people at convenience stores and fast food restaurants? That could be you.

  4. rofl #J5
    yea hopefully this wil give som peace and some money back where they belong. From Denmark, just so your not alone in being happy about the result 🙂

  5. @Postal: oh, come on. No sense trying to shame anyone to believe in what you believe, but I will say that I believe insurance should be like ANY product available in the marketplace: I should be able to purchase it for whoever I want. If I want to cover my family until their death, I should be able to do it. That’s what freedom is. If I have the money to do it, then the govt. ought not have the right to legislate me to do it until my family members are of a certain age. That’s my take.

    @damian: Paul can support who he chooses. That’s the American way. I don’t agree with his choice, but I’ll respect him for it, all the same. Like I tried to say above, politics are what they are. They’re a tough subject especially for an entertainment-based website which is why I think he probably made the best decision to not mention ’em before the election.

    Hope everybody voted!!!

  6. First and foremost, congrats on your candidate winning the election. What an exciting election this year entailed for all of us. Now is the time to hope that our re-elected President sticks to his promises.

    Referring now to the picture of Arnold; what an incredible feat and example of what America stands for. This is proof that anybody, immigrants alike, can be anything they want to be if they are determined to do it. It’s absolutely incredible that he is a former governor.

  7. I was making the the larger point that policy is often, not always, very different between the two parties and has actual real world consequences for everyone. I don’t accept the “I’m too smart and cool for politics and there is no difference between the parties” philosophy.

    As for my specific example, it’s not mandating you buy more insurance for your kids. Many policies cover your kids now. This extends that coverage until they are 24. This gives them time to finish college and enter the workforce themselves. Though if you want to pay the insurance companies more out of moral obligation to capitalism, I’m sure they’ll take a check.

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