10 Things You Didn’t Know about Gardevoir

There are some Pokemon that are much more popular than others. One excellent example can be found in Gardevoir, which has been a popular choice for Pokemon trainers ever since the species showed up in Generation III. For proof, look no further than the sheer number of Pokemon games that have featured the Embrace Pokemon ever since. Here are 10 things that you may or may not have known about Gardevoir:

1. Sometimes Called the Embrace Pokemon

As stated earlier, Gardevoir is sometimes called the Embrace Pokemon. The species isn’t particularly prone to embracing others, but the term has powerful connotations of fondness as well as closeness, which are very much in line with its standard personality.

2. The Japanese Name Is Sirnight

The Japanese name of the species is Sirnight. However, it is unclear whether this is supposed to be read as Sir Knight or saa, naito, which would translates to “Come, knight.” Whatever the case, there are similar connotations of protectiveness in the English name, which is speculated to have come from the French garde and devoir for “guard” and “duty.”

3. Protective of the Pokemon Trainer

There are some Pokemon species that tend to be less than enthusiastic about their Pokemon trainers, but perhaps unsurprisingly, the Gardevoir isn’t one of them. In fact, the Gardevoir tends to be protective, so much so that they are perfectly prepared to put their lives on the line for the sake of their Pokemon trainers.

4. Now a Psychic/Fairy Pokemon

In Generations III, IV, and V, Gardevoir was a Psychic Pokemon. Since the introduction of Fairy Pokemon in Generation VI, it has become a Psychic/Fairy Pokemon. As a result, it is interesting to note that it has become immune to Dragon moves, which is one of the most interesting properties of Fairy Pokemon.

5. Can Be Either Male or Female

On the whole, the Gardevoir has what most people would consider to be a rather feminine appearance. After all, the species strides in what looks a lot like a white dress, though it should be noted that this isn’t clothing but rather a part of its natural body. Regardless, the Gardevoir can be either male or female, which is an interesting contrast to how its counterpart Gallade is 100 percent male.

6. Possesses the Power to See into the Future

One of the Gardevoir’s most interesting abilities is the power to see into the future. The species is known to use this power to pick up on potential threats to their Pokemon trainers, to which they will respond with the liberal use of their psychokinetic powers.

7. Said to Generate Black Holes

The Pokedex is famous for making rather unbelievable claims about Pokemon. One excellent example can be found in its claim that the Gardevoir will use their psychokinesis to create black holes when they feel that their Pokemon trainers are in sufficient danger. This is rather unbelievable for the simple reason that even a 1mm black hole is estimated to be capable of rendering the surface of the Earth uninhabitable within a few hours before proceeding to eat it over the course of 5 billion years.

8. Uses Psychokinesis to Support Their Bodies

Generally speaking, the Gardevoir tends to be pretty fragile-looking, which might have caused some people to wonder how the species manages to support their own bodies. If so, they use their psychokinesis for that particular purpose, meaning that gravity doesn’t exert as much of an effect on them as what one would expect.

9. Diantha’s Main Pokemon Is Gardevoir

Pokemon champions have signature Pokemon. For example, Lance’s signature Pokemon was the Dragonite, while Wallace’s signature Pokemon was Milotic. Generally speaking, Pokemon champions’ signature Pokemon come from the same Generation in which they make their debut, which is why it was something of a surprise when Generation VI champion Diantha’s signature Pokemon turned out to be Gardevoir.

10. Has a Mega Evolution

To be exact, Diantha’s signature Pokemon turned out to be a Mega Evolution-capable Gardevoir. There are some Mega Evolutions that see dramatic changes from their base forms, but in the case of Mega Gardevoirs, they just become even better at blasting their opponents with special attacks while becoming more resistant to the same kind of threat.

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