Wait, When Did Nerf Swords Become Awesome?

Nerf Swords

Ok so when did NERF finally get their act together and provide the kids of today amazing swords to play with?! No really, have you seen these things? I know that my parents probably said the same thing when I was a child, but I’m going to say it anyways. Kids today have no idea how good they’ve got it! No, I don’t care if the commercial is from 2010, I have DVR and Netflix damn it.

Wait a minute they’ve even got a Battle Axe!? WTF?!

For a quick comparison, here are the swords I played with:

I was a child of the 80’s and NERF was a big part of my playtime. My brother and I would set up an arena much like that of American Gladiators’ assault course and put ourselves through the test to see if we could complete each station without being pelted by darts. The “gladiator” would use the gatling gun that fired those huge foam arrows but we found it was a lot better if you put the small darts down the tubes instead! The stations would have the pump action ball blaster, the classic pink and blue bow and arrow, and the god awful classic slingshot with the small yellow foam balls. Yeah, I’m talking old school NERF.

NOT! – man that never gets old. (Seth Green FTW)

I’m sure that kids now a days scour the malls with their NERF weapons in hopes of pouncing upon their unsuspecting prey, the mall rats. Wow what warped little individuals we once were. I loved it. Now kids have amazing NERF toys compared to what we had available to us. They’ve gone the extra mile to make swords to kill zombies, a hatchet, a double blade sword (8 year old me is uber jealous of that one) and even Thor’s hammer!

I’m pumped that I’ve got a son because I’m definitely going to buy myself, er, I mean him, a lot of these things for Christmas!


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