Ready to Read 14,000 Words About Why Petyr Baelish is a Genius?


Yesterday, during my A Song of Ice and Fire Mysteries post (spoilers!), longtime reader Postal shared a link that took a solid chunk out of my day. It’s a 14,000 word essay on a Game of Thrones forum explaining what the author calls “the mad genius” of Petyr Baelish. Even those who only watch the show likely already recognize his coldness, cunning and smiling brutality that allows him to pull strings behind the scenes for his own benefit. Readers of the book have seen his plans evolve even further.

He’s always felt like one of the most dangerous characters on the show to me, and even though this esssay is mostly a really long summary of book events, it’s a fascinating read because I didn’t realize half of his plans were actually his, which is exactly the way he wants it. When you go back and really analyze what he’s done, he’s singlehandedly responsible for nearly all of the chaos in Westeros, and I can’t wait to see what he does next.

Read the essay here, but yeah, lots of book spoilers, so be careful.

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  1. “The thing that strikes me most about Petyr is that he thrives on chaos.”

    Can’t help but wonder if the writers were inspired by that.

  2. You are spoiling a lot in your header even, by mentioning he is responsible for most of the events. The essay is really good for book readers who are caught up; show people stay away!

  3. Oh man, I just finished it reading it, I started last night after seeing the link, went on for a bit, but then had to go to sleep, so I saved it in a word file and send it to my phone.

    Overall, definetely Paetyr is the most adept player in the Game of Thrones, he jst kicks everybodies’ ass at it, as much as I liked Ned because of Sean Bean (Trevelyan Fan for ever yo), I was just on the same page with Paetyr, really he was too honorable to survive.
    Also I dont think he has a purpuse other than beating everybody, even Varys has said he doesnt know what game he is playing. He has a lot of resenment towards the highborn, even being noble he is looked down at by others, and most are just worthless. I think his drive is just to be oportunistic, he doesnt really have a goal, he just goes with it as it best benefits his interest. His only weakness is how much he is attracted by Sansa but even then like the poster explains it shows how adaptable he is.
    So far Littlefinger has give two of the best monologues in the series the one witht he whole nobles being dicks and idiots and the chaos one, these are compared to Tywins bit regarding legacy which not only showcases how pragmatic tywin is but also that he is so grounded that he is fully aware that even being such a powerful man, he is nothing else, not a god or touched by the divine like soem Targaryen thought, and the other great monologue is Tyrion’s confession that he likes to be in court, it also rings true for Paetyr, he is just so damn good at it.

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