A Rather Significant Deleted Scene from Game of Thrones Season 3

I haven’t really caught too many of the deleted scenes from Game of Thrones, though I imagine after three seasons there are probably enough to fill an entire episode, given how much has to be cut from the book for the show to work.

I just stumbled across this one, which appeared in neither the book or the show, and shows Tywin fishing, talking with Grand Maester Pycelle. As you’ll recall in season two, I believe it was, we saw a strange scene with Pycelle and a prostitute where after the girl leaves, he stands upright and acts all spritely. The implication was that his old foggy man persona is an act, and in this deleted scene, we now have a look at Pycelle the way we’ve never seen him.

Tywin is the only one who can see through his charade, and Pycelle reveals his desire to simply stay near a position of power, not actually have all the power for himself. He transforms into a completely different person before our eyes, one far more cunning than the hunchback we usually see. I wonder if this was cut because of time, or because it would confuse audiences. Interesting to see though.

Also, Tywin fishing. Eh? Eh? A good counterpart to when he was hacking apart that stag in season one.

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  1. The other interesting parallel in this scene (first saw this on another site), is how it plays with the fist time we meet Tywin gutting and skinning a stag (house Baratheon). This time, it’s fish (house Tulley) he’s showing his mastery of. Interesting to see what animal he butchers/catches next.

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