Ranking The Top Five Bachelors In Stardew Valley

In the game Stardew Valley, you take on the role of someone that is fed up of life in the city and so decides to move to Pelican Town to live on the farm of your late grandfather. As you begin to adjust to your new life as a farmer in a quiet town, you start to meet the other people that live in the town. Some of these will become your friends, and others will become romantic interests. All of the characters have their own story arcs, and the way you interact with them can change these slightly. The character that you choose as your potential husband is completely up to you, but to help you, here is a list of the five most eligible bachelors in Stardew Valley.

5. Sam

Sam is a fun character that is really into skateboarding and music. He can usually be found either skateboarding around the town or playing pool in the pub. His father is stationed away from home in the military, and while he doesn’t cause his mother any real trouble, he does do a lot of things which annoy her. His father does return home eventually and this changes the family dynamic somewhat. Sam has a brother named Vincent and he is clearly affected by the return of their father. On the other hand, it doesn’t seem to phase Sam whatsoever. The fact that he does not engage with his emotions is something that lets him down as a potential husband. His character does not have as much depth as the other bachelors in the town.

4. Alex

Alex’s dream is to play gridball professionally. Game Dial describe him as self-confident but ask whether this could be an act to hide his insecurity. He knows that there people who are far more intelligent than him, and this is something that does embarrass him slightly. As you get to know him you will find out that he is not just a stereotypical jock and that he does have a good heart. As you get to know Alex he will open up to you about his difficult childhood. He was raised by his grandparents after his mother passed away because his father was an abusive alcoholic who wanted nothing to so with his son. This does make him more endearing, but there are also qualities that make him less appealing as a match. When he gives up his dream of becoming a professional gridball player, he spends a lot of time moping around and this is no fun for either of you.

3. Elliot

Elliot is one of the most intelligent characters in the game. He is an aspiring novelist who lives in a cottage overlooking the sea. He is passionate about his work but he does get discouraged from time to time. He will strike up a friendship with you almost from the beginning and takes the time to really get to know you. He can be very romantic and if you choose him as a partner he will always put your needs before his own. The reason Elliot does not feature higher up the list is that sometimes he is just a little too good to be true. The fact that he is so doting can be a little annoying at times. The character does not have any major flaws, and while this sounds like it should be good, it also means that his character lacks a bit of depth.

2. Harvey

Harvey is the doctor in Stardew Valley and he can be quite sensitive. There is a sense of sadness about him, and you always get the feeling there is something he is not telling you. As he is quiet and keeps to himself, it is easy to overlook him as a romantic partner. According to Gamers Decide, one of the main reasons to choose Harvey as a husband is the stability that he brings. The fact that he is a doctor means you will always have a good income coming into the home. He will always treat you well if you choose him as your husband, and while he may not be the most exciting character, he is one of the most reliable.

1. Sebastian

Sebastian is considered the most eligible bachelor in Stardew Valley primarily because he is so honest. He is a computer programmer who at first seems to be the complete opposite of your character. He thinks he will be much happier if he gets out of the small town and heads into the big city. This means that when you first meet him, he doesn’t necessarily seem the marrying type. He seems somewhat aloof and there are other bachelors that seem more friendly initially. However, as you get to know Sebastian, it is clear that there is a lot more going on under the surface. He is very honest and open about his feelings. He reflects on the way that he feels about you, but also focuses on the things that these feelings force him to confront. He begins to realize that he is in charge of his own happiness. Another good reason why Sebastian makes a good husband is that he keeps his job while still helping out on the farm. He enjoys spending time alone which means you also get a bit of time for yourself and this makes the marriage stronger.

Why Didn’t Shane Make The List?

According to Game Rant, choosing Shane as a potential partner would change the characters story arc and not for the better. When you first meet Shane in the game he is a recovering alcoholic. Choosing to marry him would lead to him starting drinking again. When you are married he will spend most of his time at the bar and when he is at home he will be complaining about everything you haven’t done. It will not be a happy marriage for either of you, and so he is a character that you should definitely just remain friends with.

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