10 Random But Memorable Singing Scenes in Movies


Have you ever been watching a movie – that’s not a musical – and all of a sudden, seemingly out of nowhere, a musical number or singing scene appears?  It happens in all sorts of movies, be it a comedy, drama, or even science fiction, and a singing scene can often help draw the audience ever further into the movie.  Or, in the case of comedies, it can simply make you laugh.

For the purposes of this post, I selected scenes that are somewhat random, meaning that no scenes from musicals were picked.  Also, I wouldn’t pick a singing scene from something like Walk the Line, because singing is to be expected in a movie like that.  Anyway, let’s get to it – check out 10 random and memorable singing scenes from non-musical movies.

Step Brothers

A hilarious scene from a hilarious movies.  You have to admit, the son has a great voice.



Pretty easily the movie’s most memorable scene, and perhaps the reason we hear “Day O!” blasting over the loudspeakers at baseball games.  I hate that.


My favorite guy in this scene is the poor-man’s Johnny Drama who’s just coked out of his mind.

Wayne’s World


Wayne’s World is responsible for resurrecting (and arguably ruining) this classic Queen song.


A very, very underrated movie.  At first, this scene seems like it’s simply going to feature music in the background…until the cast joins in.

A Clockwork Orange


I couldn’t embed this, so click through to watch Alex sing “Singing in the Rain” while raping someone.  God bless Kubrick.

Southland Tales

Alright, so this is lip-syncing, but it’s a great tune by the Killer’s and gives the audience a glimpse of what it must be like to try Liquid Karma.

Almost Famous


One of the cooler scenes in this movie.



In a movie filled with random gags and quotes, this random song somehow seems entirely appropriate.

Full Metal Jacket

Another Kubrick movie makes the list – does anyone know the significance of the American soldiers singing this song?

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  1. My personal favourite “out of nowhere” song is Blame Canada in the South Park Movie. Though, with the amount of songs in that movie, there is an argument that it may not fit your post’s requirements.

    These Eyes in Superbad is a very close second.

  2. I’m pretty sure the significance of the Mickey Mouse song in Full Metal Jacket is about representing the loss of childhood which faced the young marines.

  3. My grandpa who was in vietnam told me when i asked this about full metal jacket and the mickey mouse club song he said they would sing anything that was cadence like that would remind them of home and was light hearted awesome scene in a movie if you ask me

  4. How can you leave out “I say a little prayer for you” from My Best Friend’s Wedding!? Fantastic, famous movie that made the song shoot up on the charts after its release.

  5. Great list- it really made me smile to see the Anchorman scene here. That goes amongst one of my favourite movie scenes, let alone favourite spontaneous outbursts of song scenes. However, the first scene that came to my mind was the “You make my dreams” scene from ‘500 Days of Summer’- an unconventional, sweet, funny movie. It would be an exception to the list, as it’s not a singing scene, but it’s a random outburst of dance (with the singing of Hall & Oats? does that count?). Maybe it was a deliberate omission if you didn’t like the film, I just think it would make a good addition to the list as it was completely unexpected for me when I first watched it.

  6. @ Emily

    I actually love that movie, but I didn’t include it because it’s pretty much a straight up dance sequence. It was definitely unexpected, though.

  7. the Mickey Mouse song in Full Metal Jacket is also a reference to an earlier point of the movie where the sergeant says “What is this Mickey Mouse shit?”

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