Professor X Fires My Second Favorite X-Man

Last week we saw Professor X sit down everyone’s favorite member of the X-Men, mine included, and fire him. Wolverine didn’t take it too well when he was confronted with his inherent uselessness, and now Prof X is moving on to my next favorite X-Man, Gambit.

“So…you throw stuff?”

That’s what it comes down to, and if Gambit runs out of cards or inanimate objects, he’s more or less useless. I suppose at that point he’d have to start stripping and throw his boots and shirt at enemies. Or that weird face-wrap thing he wears.

Who will Professor X fire next?


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  1. I just love the disdain in the Professor’s little barbs with him, I hope he does more of these. I’d really like it if he stuck to the more popular X-Men too, find reasons for all the big name ones to be worthless. It’s easy to pick on lesser known members like Jubilee or Bishop,

    I want to see him constantly bringing down the big names! Cyclops, the brown nose, Colossus, the guy we call when we need to move stuff, Angel, the guy we keep around for the Christmas nativity scene, etc.

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