PSA: Unreality vs. Hurricane Sandy

Never thought I’d be writing about the weather on Unreality, but here we are. I’ve no idea if all the weathermen are just crying wolf, but this storm looks to be quite the reckoning, and I wanted to give you guys a heads up that if the site suddenly goes mostly silent, I’m not dead, I’m probably just without power.

Living in upstate New York, I doubt I’ll get the full force of this thing like those on the coast (good luck NYC and Jersey!), but I very well could lose electricity for a rather long time, as has happened around here before. No power = no internet = no Unreality, so if that does happen, understand that the site hasn’t died, and I’ll be doing my best to hunt down some internet somewhere if Sandy does turn out to be a real bitch.

The grocery stores around here are practically stripped bare, and it feels like Y2K all over again. Though instead of nothing happening, we have a big ass hurricane with an overly lighthearted name heading our way. Perhaps this will be Y2K and the threat is overblown, but I figured I’d be prepared. Everyone in the potential path, be safe out there, with thoughts out especially to our writers and readers in NYC and other places along the east coast.

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  1. I live in New Orleans so I know a little bit about hurricanes. The news makes it seem far worse than what it usually is. That said, don’t relax with it. You want to have a lot of water around and some nonperishable food. I was without power when Issac hit for 7 days in the summer and that was not fun. Just try and be safe. Hope you make it through without any damage.

  2. Positive thoughts out to you guys from us on the west coast. You guys get a Hurricane and up here in British Columbia we just got the worst earthquake in 60 years last Saturday night. Weird stuff.

  3. I’ve lived here in the DC area for most of my life, and the one thing I can count on with those of us in the DMV is that they are panicky. So many people here are preparing for doomsday when really they just need to prepare for flooding if you live near water and possible power outages. I’m not downplaying what’s happening around me right now, just how my fellow residents tend to react to the weather.

  4. uh yeah im in Long Island in the middle of it. for some strange reason i still have power, but its pretty bad here. trees are going down every where, the sky is lighting up from transformers blowing. Sandy is for real.

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